Founder's Corner: TransparentSea in the time of COVID-19

"Here's something that is not news...US consumers have relied on global, complicated and fraudulent commodity seafood chains for decades, lining the pockets of few, exploiting foreign labor, degrading our health and the health of our ecosystems. Despite all the unprecedented spread and suffering of the pandemic due to this blind reliance on the global approach, many seem to be waiting for things to go 'back to normal', so long as we get cheap food...This should never have been normal! While this pause has sent all of our lives sideways, I invite you to use this time to consider a new normal. For our part, we won't wait any longer to spread the word, begin our education program and grow healthy, local seafood."


-Steve Sutton (Founder & President) 

A Looming Threat to Millions: Food Security At Risk

  • A devastating shrimp virus in China is currently highlighting the frailty of outdoor shrimp farms. -Seafood Source (link)

  • Meat & Seafood Shortages Looming; stockpiles underway; prices uncertain and processors being shut down. - GOOGLE IT

  • POTUS signed a new Executive Order on May 7th, 2020 planning for more US aquaculture- The White House

Hope in Consumer Trends

  • Consumers are buying up local farm goods. Farmers hindered by supply and processing, not price. White Oak

  • Most COVID-19 victims have underlying health conditions. Shrimp is among the healthiest proteins. -  (link)

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