Our Story

Growing up as an avid fisher in upstate New York, I pursued a masters degree in aquaculture and ended up spending close to a decade managing aquaculture farms overseas, where I bore witness to the environmental destruction, fraud, and waste that characterizes 95% of the shrimp Americans eat today.

Frustrated by what I saw overseas, I returned to America with a mission to change the way we eat seafood. I decided to call the project “TransparentSea” because I want consumers to know exactly what and from where their seafood comes form. 


Today, I’m proud to say that TransparentSea is producing shrimp that is local, sustainable, and of superior quality. Thank you for joining us on our journey to create shrimp that is good for you as it is for the planet.

- Steve Sutton, President of TransparentSea Farm

Our Team


Steve Sutton


Our Team

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