• Andrew Liao

New website and preorders!

Farmer Steve installing some piping at the farm

2021 is bringing lots of changes, including right here at TransparentSea Farm. As the facility nears completion and production ramps up, we have improved the design of our website to facilitate getting our shrimp out into our beloved local community.

To that end, TransparentSea supporters can now pre-order their shrimp at our "Shop Online" page. We recommend this as supply will be limited, and pre-ordering will give you priority for our next harvest in Spring 2021 (expected to be in the May-June timeframe). Please note that you can request a 100% refund anytime before your order is fulfilled.

Look to this space for continual updates on the farm, publicity, and general education. Not only do we want you to enjoy our shrimp, but we want you to understand the benefits to the environment as well.

Thanks for reading!

- Team TransparentSea

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