Our Shrimp is dark blue when raw & lobster red when cooked. Competitors literally pale in comparison

TransparentSea's flagship product is Litopenaeus vannamei, or Pacific white-leg shrimp. Also known simply as 'white shrimp', these animals are the most commonly sold shrimp in the world. Uncommonly, our's are guaranteed to be clean. Raised indoors in purified salt water, we do not harm other marine or terrestrial friends while bringing you a premium product. It's a win-win! 

Edible Seaweed

We live in a gigantic closed system on planet Earth. Humans breathe in oxygen and dispel carbon dioxide, while ingesting plants and animals and producing nitrogenous waste. Bacteria convert these wastes into usable forms for plants, which also take in our waste carbon dioxide and dispel oxygen. One organism’s output is essential input for another’s and nature cleverly completes the cycle.

Macro-algae just happen to serve the same role for shrimp in water that plants do for humans in air. Highly nutritious marine algae complete the natural nitrogen cycle in our production system, and happen to represent an enormous and growing industry. We intend to explore different species and markets in L.A. with fresh seaweed, and scale production as we identify your favorite species. 

The System

Unlike any other you'll find, our shrimp and seaweeds are raised in clearwater recirculating systems that recycle waste and give our farmers control over animal health. Locating in Los Angeles County allows us to reach a lot of you, teach you, and show you the truth about our potential to harness science and farm seafood. It also reduces our carbon footprint of shipping to less than 1% of your average shrimp.

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