Superior Taste

Free of added hormones and antibiotics, the sweetest shrimp you will ever taste

Superior Taste

TransparentSea shrimp is farmed in an indoor controlled environment, using only the best feed and free of added hormones and antibiotics. The result is a firm texture, clean taste, and sweet finish, beloved by chefs and consumers alike.

Local Grown

Over 95% of shrimp consumed in America is imported (85% from Asia), spending 100 days in transit. TransparentSea shrimp is grown right here in California and is delivered to you fresh within hours of harvest.


Most of the shrimp grown overseas is characterized by mangrove forest destruction, harmful chemicals, and exploitation. Our shrimp grows in an indoor controlled environment, without harming habitat nor contaminating wild shrimp stocks. 

"What did you put on this? Nothing? Wow it’s so sweet!"

Jamboy Roi
Chef/Owner @ Tatang

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