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Shrimp Education

Why is it important to be local?

94% of shrimp in America is imported, which opens the door for long freezer stays (and low quality), fraud, contamination, and pathogens. Most imported shrimp is farmed in Asia or Latin America. Growing shrimp in America in an indoor farm ensures that the highest environmental, health, and safety quality is maintained.

Is my shrimp good for the environment?

Whether farmed or wild, traditional shrimp production is an ecological destroyer. Traditional shrimp farming decimates mangrove habitats, and mangroves can sequester 200x more carbon than rainforests.

Wild shrimp fishing on the other hand destroys in a different way. Fishermen drag nets on the bottom, sort out the shrimp and dump the rest, called, bycatch, over board, an estimated 97% of which is dead. All in all fishing bycatch amounts to 63 Billion pounds of dumping per year, and shrimp fishing is one of the worst offenders. Wild shrimping kills 6 pounds of other sea life to land 1 pound of shrimp on average.

TransparentSea Farm grows shrimp in an indoor environment so that no natural habitats are harmed.

Is TransparentSea shrimp good for me?

It may surprise you to learn that wild shrimp is one of the healthiest animal proteins in the world. It is high in protein, essential vitamins and minerals, yet very low in fat and calories. We have mastered the ability to facilitate a healthy living environment, allowing shrimp to be shrimp again. We look forward to supplying more families with their favorite healthy seafood without the guilt, doubt or confusion that we face today.

What species of shrimp do you farm?

TransparentSea's flagship product is Litopenaeus vannamei, or Pacific white-leg shrimp. Also known simply as 'white shrimp', these animals are the most commonly sold shrimp in the world. Uncommonly, our's are guaranteed to be clean. Raised indoors in purified salt water, we do not harm other marine or terrestrial friends while bringing you a premium product. It's a win-win!

About TransparentSea

What is the mission of TransparentSea Farm?

At TransparentSea, we promote safe and responsible indoor cultivation techniques that provide healthy environments for shrimp to thrive at different life stages. We then utilize a series of filters to recycle 99% of the water and transform wastes into valuable organic fertilizers. Unlike almost all farming in the world, we operate a closed system, managing everything that goes in and comes out of the process, instead of polluting our environment or waterways.

​Starting in Southern California, local restauranteurs and consumers will FINALLY have confidence in choosing their shrimp. Our team of PhD and Master's level scientists will share informative videos, photos and lessons with every sale. With your support, our farming system will spread to change the way shrimp is produced globally. ​.

Does your shrimp look or taste different?

Most people have never truly tasted fresh shrimp that go from tank to plate in hours! Our shrimp have firm texture (not soggy or ‘mealy’ like processed and frozen shrimp) and clean flavor (unlike ‘fishier’ marine shrimp or ‘muddier’ shrimp farmed in brown water).

Our shrimp are also visibly differentiated from what you see in the grocery store because of the way they are grown. Our shrimp are more vibrant than what you are used to seeing. The shells are more clear and colors are more defined.

How does your farm work?

We’ve developed a controlled environment aquaculture system that has been refined over 15 years. Once shrimp are stocked, we feed them and the system components mimic the ocean’s circular ecology to produce beautiful 1 ounce shrimp in as little as 3 months. On top of that the filtration system produces organic fertilizer and sea vegetables, which are super-foods.

Our farm is resource efficient and reuses over 99% of H2O, and using at least 100 times less space than traditional farms. We deliver with less than 1% of the Carbon footprint of commodity shrimp.

See the following link for how clearwater recirculating aquaculture systems work in general:

What do you feed your shrimp?

We source our feed from ZIelger.

What are your core beliefs?

Environmental Health - Eliminate habitat destruction. Build clean, scientific systems that mimic natural ones. Organismal Health - Use understanding of biology and humane methods to produce and harvest healthy organisms. Human Health - Properly raised shrimp are among the healthiest proteins. Proper management and distribution means no unnecessary treatments. Sustainability - We believe that environmental and financial sustainability go hand in hand. For-profit innovations make examples that cause movements.


Do you have any shrimp available?

We are currently completing construction of our facility and expect to have a regular supply of shrimp starting in May 2021.

How does pre-ordering work?

We are happy that there is tremendous demand for TransparentSea shrimp, so we have set up a pre-order system. Order now to be earlier in line to receive shrimp from our next harvest. You may request and receive a refund at any time up until we confirm your shipment or pick-up date.

How does delivery work?

Consistent with our commitment to be local, we will ship to anywhere witihn California from our Downey facility. We hope to reach other parts of the country with local facilities in the future.

How does pick-up work?

When your shrimp is ready to be harvested, we will send you a notification with details as to when to come by to our Downey facility to pick up your order.